Drinks & Coffee

Hot Tea 2.09
Hot Chocolate 1.99
Coffee 2.75
Coffee-to-go 2.59 large cup
2.19 regular 
Juice (Tomato, Grapefruit, Apple)
1.79 small cup 2.59 Large cup

Iced Tea 2.79
Soft Drinks 2.79
Orange Juice 2.69 large cup
1.89 small cup
Milk or Chocolate Milk 
2.19 large cup
1.59 small cup
Our Dream Pie flavors are: Lemon (made with fresh squeezed lemons), 
Coconut (made with Unsweetened Pure Coconut Milk and 
unsweetened coconut flakes) Chocolate (Made with Premium Belgian 
Chocolate melted and added to each batch), Peanut Butter, 
Chocolate & Peanut Butter, and Oreo (made with real Oreo cookies)!
A perfect compliment to a cup of our delicious coffee, 
we are proud to offer an impressive line of quality desserts, 
including our popular line of Angels'Dream Pies. Angels' Dream Pies 
were created especially for those watching their carb intake. 
Our reduced sugar pies area guiltless indulgence, lovingly 
made with premium ingredients. They're light, creamy, 
and so good...you'll think you're dreaming!

Creamy, dreamy, goodness...